Mr. Pneumonia- 18 days of Torment

By Maurice Oniang’o

Mr. Pneumonia, kindly have a seat we need to talk, or should I say I have a bone to pick with you?

My doctor told me to call you either Chronic Pneumonia or Lobar Pneumonia but with all due respect sir, away with the medical jargon just allow me to call you Mr. Pneumonia

Tell me why are you doing this to me? Why do you want me to suffer this way?

Why should I put on heavy jackets and scarfs even when the sun is hot?

Why should I shiver and sweat profusely at the same time? Soaking my clothes with sweat yet am shivering at the same time,

What pleasure do you get when you see me having difficulties in breathing?

Look what you have done to me now; you have reduced me to a laughing stock,

Daily my trousers becoming bigger than this body, which is reducing at an alarming rate,

Mr. Pneumonia, tell me what pleasure do you get when you see me throw up any food I eat,

I hope you are now happy that nowadays my breakfast, lunch and dinner is Lucozade and glucose,

Because that is what you, allow my stomach to hold for long, that is what you believe is best for my frail body,

It is funny though you never made me throw up drugs meant to push you out of my body,

Mr. Pneumonia, tell me why I should be walking with a thermos flask full of hot water everywhere I go as a precautionary measure of your attacks?

Tell me why I should always insist on having the front seat in vehicles (both public and private),

Simply because I need to request the driver to switch on the A/C for hot air, never mind that in most of our Matatus the system is as good as dead,

Mr. Man, why should I be going through this pain and agony? What have you done to my respiratory system?

Where were you the other day when the doctor was giving me drugs to finish you?

I guess you were looking at us smiling and saying to yourself ‘fools they can’t get me out of this body,’

I know you took pride when you saw me lying on the hospital bed, wreathing in pain struggling to gasp for air,

Tablet after tablet, capsule after capsule, man you remained adamant, impervious and untouchable,

Injection after injection, through the vein, through the flesh and even running drips but ‘my friend’ you stuck in my body, just like an old tree stump does on the ground,

Was it a happy moment for you when I was moving from one doctor to the other? What about the times I felt imaginary earth tremors?

I hope you enjoyed yourself to the fullest during the various hallucinations’ you caused me, I can imagine you in a corner looking at me with a satanic smile,

Man, you really pushed me to the wall; I was at the verge of giving up, slowly by slowly my hope fading away,

Nevertheless, I just remembered about my Creator and His son, I am a firm believer of His healing power,

I know you are not understanding what am talking about, let me tell you something about the Son of man,

It is written in the word that by His (Jesus) stripes I am healed, for he has taken my grief and carried my sorrows,

It is by that word I believe you have come to the end of your rope, your plan was to see me suffer,

You wanted to see me grow weary, stressed and maybe drag me six feet under,

Mr. Pneumonia, I want to tell you that you will not succeed; He suffered so that I may not suffer,

He took all the pain and sicknesses so that I may not be in pain or suffer in sickness,

You invited yourself and I have realized you do not intend to leave anytime soon,

Therefore, Mr. Man take a hike your time is up in my body, you have no place in here because Jesus lives in it,

The Son of Man does not reside in the same place with awful people like you Mr. Pneumonia,

He came to heal and deliver yet you work tirelessly to put His people in pain, suffering and even sending others to the grave,

Kindly pack your possessions and leave, remember to carry along all the bacteria’s and parasites you brought into my body because I am healed,

Bye Mr. Pneumonia.


My Sentiments

My appreciation to all the people both friends and family who in one way or another supported me during this time.

Many thanks to my best buddies Wangu, Alex, Dee L and Doric you guys are the best. Shukran tele for what you’v e been doing, may God richly reward you.

Special thanks to Tazama crew- Producer Esther Mbondo, Gloria, Erico, Mercy ,Silvia, Jane, Story Directors Christine, Noella, hesborn, Kismir, Job, Esther, Sarah, Becky, Lofty and the entire MEDEVA team. I do appreciate your support, endless phone calls, texts and words of encouragement during this trying moment.

Special recognition goes to Story Directors Oscar, Mike, Josephine and Lydia -thanks a lot guys for sparing time of your busy schedule to visit me in hospital. I appreciate the time and prayers you brought, it made a big difference. Asanteni sana na Mungu awabariki


About moniangoh2030

Memoirs of a fun loving Award Winning Journalist, filmmaker, writer, brother, friend and a Jesus freak. This blog is a mix of factual features based on real issues/stories and fictional work (Poetry and short stories) Opinions expressed here are my own and do not represent the views of; the people I work for/work with or any other person unless stated therein. Disclaimer: names and places of all the fictional work do not represent real people or place and any resemblance of any kind is just but a coincidence. Thank you for visiting. You can also find me on: Facebook Maurice Oniango Twitter: moniangoh2030
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8 Responses to Mr. Pneumonia- 18 days of Torment

  1. joy says:

    Am really sorry pneumonia is the worst..may almighty GOD give u more energy during your healing pneumonia no words for you.!not forgettng u slowly took my very best pal some yrs bak!!Quickest recovery n may those horrible memories fade away maurice!

  2. Christine says:

    GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!!:)utapona usijali:)

  3. Lydia Gachuhi says:

    Maurice, this is excellent writing- vivid and illustrative as well as very moving. You should seriously consider taking up writing. 🙂 get better M. Praying for your speedy recovery.

  4. Diana says:

    pole sana for the trying moments you are passing through but may healing be your portion today

  5. Cello says:

    U r healed in Jesus name….. naaa mr. pneumonia ushindwe!

  6. wangu says:

    wow thats awsme big up for that

  7. wangu says:

    wow big ups 4 dat
    itz awesme

  8. Carol says:

    Pneumonia go, go forever! God is with you my dea and Cheers 4 the creative thinking/writing!

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